Our Story

After making handcrafted soap for friends and family for years, my mother, Susan, started Sun Ridge Essentials in the fall of 2014 out of a desire to create home and bath products as luxurious as they are clean and simple. Growing up with a true homesteader of a mother, I was taught the importance of using real and pure ingredients and moving away from things that are unnecessary, altered, and toxic. I am so appreciative of the knowledge she has passed along. Fast forward to 2020, with the need for simplicity being greater than ever, my husband, Sam, and I decided to come alongside her in the quest for creating top of the line products using the beauty of nature. As we've grown, we have been able to partner with a local restorative home for women and every purchase supports those overcoming addictions.


Thank you for choosing Sun Ridge for all of your essentials!

- Caroline Smith Borgstadt