Beeswax Candle

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You asked, we delivered. Our 100% pure beeswax candle in our favorite scents. The beeswax in these candles purify the air as they burn and we've poured them up in the best scents for the season.

- 24 hour burn time 

- Cotton wick

- 100% Beeswax 

- 4 oz glass amber jar 

Customer Reviews

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Jordan Joeckel
Love these!

I ordered all 3 scents to give as gifts/stocking stuffers and the candles were a HIT! I also kept a few for myself and can honestly say all 3 scents are so great. The scents are light and airy, and have a good throw - the perfect small candle to have in your room or bathroom.

Perfect for a long burn!

This candle is beautifully fragrant when it’s cold, and while it’s burning it is the most subtle warmth. It’s the kind of candle that you can burn on the coffee table during the whole movie without getting a headache or overwhelmed. It’s the kind of candle you can burn on the kitchen island when it’s packed with a bunch of people. Warm Flannel is the perfect Fall/Winter smell that (to me) smells like sitting in my grandmother’s kitchen while she’s baking on Christmas Eve with the faint smell of the Christmas Tree in the other room. I feel comfortable gifting it to my mom who is very sensitive to intense candles.

Caroline Smith

Love the warm undertones of these candles and that the beeswax base is purifying the air as they burn. The perfect kitchen or bathroom candle.