Shave Soap Gift Set

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The perfect gift set for anyone who shaves. We've combined the first of the SR Essentials & Friends installment, Clayport Pottery's handmade Shave Soap Mug with our fan-favorite Tobacco & Bay Leaf Shave Soap, and included a beautiful shave brush as well. All neatly packaged in a kraft box and ready to be gifted. 

Keep by your sink for an aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic lather and shave. Remove bar in between shaves to let dry. 

Each mug is hand-thrown, hand-glazed, and completely unique. Choose from Indigo, Rye, or Ocean. 

Limited stock available. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
This got me laid….

I’m not one for crass language, but this got me laid. I was gifted this kit and shaved with it after a shower one night before bed. I got into bed and my wife smelled my face and amorous activities ensued. Again, I’m not trying to be inappropriate, I just felt this magnificent experience needed to be shared.

Patrick Grace
Brings joy every day

I love waking up in the morning, walking into the bathroom and getting to use the shaving kit. It’s beautiful on my sink and the product is so much better for my skin. Love it!

Rachel Smith
The Best Gift

I ordered this as a present for my dad and he loves it. The shave soap dish is so well made and keeps everything together.

Scott Sinclair
Smoothest Shave I've ever had!

You can truly tell that high quality ingredients and materials went in the creation of this shave kit. I couldn't be more impressed. My skin and the planet THANK you, Sun Ridge Essentials!